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Person Information and Your Employees Privacy

The use of personal information is commonplace in the hiring, promotion and termination processes. Having access to these personal details can be risky regarding an employee’s right to privacy...Read More


6 HR Trends to Monitor in 2019

A new year brings new issues for HR professionals to contend with. Some challenges are similar to previous years (overtime uncertainty)...Read More



CMS Transparent Pricing Rules in Effect

On Jan. 1, 2019, the new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) rules, Read More


5 Ways to Prevent Workplace Harassment

Harassment is a form of employment discrimination that may violate federal laws like Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act...Read More


Dogs in the Workplace

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, approximately 9 percent of U.S. employers allow their employees to bring their dogs to work every day. With this trend on the rise, many employers are wondering if allowing dogs into their workplace is right for them...Read More