Meet Suzy Hagan

Suzy has almost 20 years of experience in business, doing a mixture of customer service, human resource, accounting, and management tasks. With six of those years being involved with employer insurance benefits.

She is here to be the liaison between clients, carriers, and agents.

Suzy can assist our clients and their employees with compliance, benefit meetings, claim issues, enrollments, changes, terminations, and human resource questions. Let Suzy be your one stop resource.

Outside of work, Suzy enjoys being a baseball and softball mom. She currently holds two club treasury positions and volunteers being the team parent for her daughter’s softball team.

You can contact Suzy at:  |  (608) 314-0975 |  (888) 558-2693

Customer Service Representative

Boyd Consulting Group, Inc. prides itself on exceptional customer service. The first people hired at BCG inception twenty-two years ago, were CSR’s. BCG has always believed that any agency can get you quotes, but what differentiates us from the rest of the agencies, brokers or consultants is our service. Whether you have a large company or small, our CSR’s will assist you or your employees with any benefit, billing or claim questions you may have. Our CSR’s make on-site visits as much as the client wants. Some of our clients require our staff to be in their facilities once a month to meet with employees and answer their concerns. Some clients want their people to be able to have our staff intercede for them with the various health systems when they have a claim problem. Others want BCG to handle their enrollments and terminations. BCG does all of this without any extra cost to the employer. We have over a 90% retention ratio and we believe it’s because of our exceptional Customer Service.